Sushma's Story

"Our stories and experiences make us unique.  Helping someone create their best story is the most satisfying thing I could ever do." - Sushma

Hi, I’m Sushma

I’m a Rapid Transformation therapist and coach, and I’m passionate about helping people heal their mind and program it for the greatest success. 

The Third culture kid 

I was born in Bombay, and moved to England at a young age.  I've lived and worked the US (Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, etc) and in Dubai. Yup, I got around a bit.  All of my experiences help me connect to people from all over the globe. It also happens explains my confused accent.

My Buddhism & Inner transformation 

When I experienced anxiety, sleepless nights and uncontrollable bouts of crying from a long period of joblessness;  a friend of mine introduced me to Buddhism.  There began what we Buddhists call my ‘human revolution’, or the work of transforming my life from the inside out.

Challenges are opportunities in disguise

Since then, life has given me more opportunities TO LEARN and to PRACTICE INNER TRANSFORMATION.  Whether it was depression because I didn't have love in my life, my crippling fear of driving, or feeling stressed out and powerless in my job.

Finding my power 

It was only when I started using my subconscious mind though NLP,  hypnotheraphy, and  the unique Rapid Transformation Therapy is when I freed myself from the hidden limiting beliefs lying deep in my subconscious mind.  It was only then that I FOUND MY POWER!  I found the power to love myself, to let love find me, to drive like a diva, to be HR boss girl in the big bad corporate world, and finally to set up my own therapeutic coaching practice.  I now live to help other beautiful people, like yourself, use YOUR BRILLIANT MIND to live your BIGGEST, BOLDEST life.

My Reason Why

I chose this life because I believe emotional wellness is priceless and mandatory for every human being.

I’ve experienced for myself, the miraculous power of the re-programming the subconscious mind.

I believe that healing both the subconscious and conscious, leads to helping you put the puzzle pieces together, and what better journey to take with someone than that one.

Sushma's Certifications

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30+ Other Certifications

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