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Fear of Flying

As I entered adult life I had developed a debilitating fear of flying. To the point of feeling fearful in the lead up to flights and having panic attacks on the flight.

After one session with Sushma, she provided me with recordings to listen to each day. These not only helped me feel calm each day, but they also provided me with the tools to cope with emotions during my next flights. After her sessions, I no longer felt scared and fearful in the lead-up to flying, and my panic attacks disappeared during.

Sushma is not only a wonderful person, but she also makes you feel at ease and comfortable during each session, which allows you to really work on yourself and get to the root of the problem quickly. She explains the process extremely well and is constantly by your side throughout the process.

I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to improve their quality of life, as her sessions have certainly helped me with mine.

Caroline O.

Transforms Like Magic

Sushma is like one enlightened being.

She connects with you, in a deep level from where she is able to help you heal and inspire changes that transform your life faster that you can ever imagine... like magic.. like miracles .

Thank you Sushma.. I am really happy and grateful to have you in my path..

Gala N.

Stepping Out of the Dark and Into The Light

I've never been so grateful to anyone as much as I grateful to Sushma. She is on an elevated level of enlightment, & doing a session with has opened up my subconscious to a heightened level I'd thought was impossible. Now I know it is I AM POSSIBLE & not the other way around.

Concious conditioning in life from others is a blind route , our subconscious innerselves seem to get lost amongst all of it. Sushma has given me new lease on myself, I'm not thinking "how much time I've lost " I now know I had to get to this level to be ready to embrace the freedom of allowing & letting myself believe in myself & presenting myself without worrying about how others may see me .... others self stomping opinions are not how they me as me, is not for me anymore.

My step is bouncy, my heart is lighter, my life is on a beautiful path.
Thank you Sushma. Without your intervention, I'd be living in the dark void.

Turanz G.

The Sun Shines Again

The session made me feel more confident and realize my worth. What I really liked about it was that I felt secure and assured by this gentle but persuasive voice I was listening to telling me that I would no longer be the person I used to be who was so afraid and shaken up by my past circumstances. I feel a sense of immense relief as if a burden has fallen away from my shoulders. I feel very light and happy. I feel this session has certainly made a lot of difference in my life already. I love this new me!

Sushma you are a healer and I pray you help a lot of people who come to you

Sunitha J.

Bad Ass Confidence

I had heard about Hypnotherapy and was sceptical about it in the beginning. I would not have gone through with it with anyone else but, Sushma. When I went to her, I was low on confidence which affected my work and my personal life. Couldn't get myself to have a decent conversation with a stranger, not speaking out at meetings, holding back because I could be wrong, something I never had a problem with before.

This affected not only my work life, but my social life too. Sushma, has always been a person in my life I would go to, to clear my head. This is when she introduced me to RTT. After my first session, which was surreal, I followed her instructions. Listened to her recordings every night and even made some necessary changes in the way I dealt work.

In 4 months, I went from not speaking up in meetings, to being a conference speaker on the panel for an event on Womens day. Thank you for instilling faith in myself! I have recommended RTT to a lot of people and hope many more use this to solve their problems

Krithika K.

Career Clarity

I feel very lucky for having worked with Sushma.

She is a coaching guru and she'll accompany you on your path to success. I've enjoyed every aspect of the process, from RTT hypnotherapy sessions, listening to the audio to hands-on career coaching sessions. Sushma expertly blends techniques and tools that helped me recenter and gain clarity.

From initially feeling confused and exhausted, I've identified a career pivoting strategy, improved my inner dialogue and, these days I'm on the court networking!

Nawal F.

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